Lawn Care

A Beautiful Lawn All Year Round

Keeping your garden looking good year round can be quite the chore. In fact, depending on where you live, the winter season could find your lawn covered with snow. Garden maintenance can be broken down into seasons. Here are some seasonal lawn care tips that can get you started.

Spring is the season when everything starts growing. This is when the lawn care calendar begins, so let’s start there. It’s not just about what you do to the lawn, but preparing your equipment and getting everything ready for the growing season. For example, do you sharpen your mower blades? Do you give your mower a tuneup before the spring season gets underway?

Not only is it time to get your equipment ready, but it’s time to tidy up your lawn, too. Think of it in terms of spring cleaning. Are there leaves to clean up still? You want that lawn to be able to breathe, and you want it looking beautiful. It’s time for everything to grow. It’s also time to fertilise your lawn as well.

During springtime, you are essentially preparing your lawn to grow, and so this season is important when it comes to keeping your garden looking good year round. Address aeration if necessary, and look at whether or not you want to use pre-emergent herbicides. You want to keep those weeds from starting to run rampant throughout your back garden.

You will be addressing weeds during the summertime, too. Let’s take a look at some summertime tips. During summer, you want to mow often, and you don’t want to cut the grass too short. Weed control should have been addressed thoroughly at this point, but you will still want to address it manually. Pre-emergent herbicides were mentioned for spring, and if you still have a big problem during the summer, it’s post-emergent herbicides you would use.

Do you have a mulching mower? They are great for the autumn season. What you have to think about most during autumn is clearing those leaves and other debris. And as for winter, brace yourself. In all seriousness, there are many more year round lawn care tips to discover.

Your main focus should be doing everything you can during spring and summer to ensure that your lawn stays beautiful through autumn and winter and into the spring. While the process is cyclical, everything you do hard each year compounds, and you will have an easier time when growing season begins.